Giddy Up!

John Hickenlooper is the 42nd and current Governor of Colorado until January. He has long been rumored to be considering a 2020 presidential campaign. In preparation for this, Hickenlooper formed a federal leadership Political Action Committee, called Giddy Up!. This PAC will be able to bring in money from donors that Hickenlooper can use for travel, policy development and supporting federal candidates outside of Colorado.

Hickenlooper needed branding for this PAC which would represent what Hickenlooper stands for. This branding needed to be modern, powerful, and slightly fun. “Giddy Up!” is one of Hickenlooper’s favorite phrases so was perfect for the name of this PAC. 

The logo I created for Giddy Up! reflects this. John is a goofy guy so I made the logo own that. It is fun, modern, and simple yet still powerful.

Design Process

I went through many iterations to come to a design that represented John's ideals. Some of the iterations that I went through can be seen below. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 10.46.12

I eventually landed on design that used a simple typeface while having the box it was in break through its enclosure. The slight slant of the background gives it a playful look while also making it recognizable. Once I finalized the design, I needed a set of colors that also represented the ideals Hickenlooper was going for. After playing around with many different color palettes we decided that a classic political campaign color scheme would be most appropriate. The final design can be seen below.