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I founded EasilyRaise, a simple fundraising platform for student groups, in August 2017. I saw a need when I realized my Business Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, was trying to fundraise with outdated methods. I knew there must be a better way. In the summer of 2018, my company and I took part in Pioneering Summer at the University of Denver. With the program, we were able to receive mentoring and funding to help grow the business. I ran logo, branding, marketing, business development, and web app design.

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EasilyRaise Design Process

The EasilyRaise product design process featured a heavy emphasis on user testing and iteration before and after testing. Consistent feedback from our testers resulted in a complete redesign. 

Original/Beta Product Design

The below images display the original website in October 2017. This site was built with multiple informational pages and no backend. The backend consisted of inputs through google forms which would be implemented manually by us. It quickly became apparent however that this original design was unnecessarily complicated, not intuitive or scalable enough, and was missing key features. Our testers also saw that our branding did not evoke the experience that we wanted. We needed to build a scalable backend and rebrand. 


Version 2.0

EasilyRaise needed a strong logo that would translate well to university-focused marketing in the form of stickers and print materials while having the versatility to function as an icon and on the web.  

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We are currently in the process of building out our backend. The funding from our time in Pioneering Summer has allowed us to hire a backend developer who will work directly with me as I build the frontend.

Easily Raise Journey Map

EasilyRaise Pitch Deck