When I was an incoming freshman to DU, I noticed that the facebook groups students join for their class are scams. These groups are run by companies who advertise to the students and sell student data for profit. One of the prominent companies that does this is The New York Times reported on this in 2010, and it is still a problem today. 

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I wanted to help try and solve this problem so that students wouldn't be susceptible to this scam. I created 20+ college groups aimed at the class of 2022 at colleges across the country.  I saw this as an opportunity to limit spam and scams targeting these incoming freshman but also help legitimate brands connect with these students. Thus, CampusPush was created. 

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University of Florida
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The group I created for the University of Florida Class of 2022 was our most popular group. We currently have over 5,000 members, and this number is growing every day.  With an average of over 500 posts, comments, and reactions a month UF students love interacting in our group and getting to know each other better. 

Once this group became popular, the amount of work to keep the page running smoothly became too much for just one person. I recruited a team of incoming students to act as moderators to help delete spam, block those responsible, and approve membership requests. 

Partnership Spotlight: insTiles

With 20+ groups for students at colleges across the country, I had an amazing platform to reach and interact with students in a meaningful way. This was an excellent opportunity to monetize these interactions and connect students to legitimate brands. My primary goal was only to allow brands and companies who had ethical missions, unlike Room Surf, access to these Facebook Groups. 


A company called insTiles contacted me wanting to partner on a campaign. insTiles is an app that allows you to get your photos printed on wall tiles. These tiles are shipped to you quickly and are easily hung on your wall. insTiles had a minimal marketing budget but wanted our help to get in the college market. After some negotiations, I was sent some sample tiles and with the help of some buddies completed a photoshoot in a local dorm. 


These photos were posted in each one of my Facebook groups with a discount code to purchase some tiles. We got excellent feedback from students who purchased their own tiles. insTiles was able to increase its sales in college markets by over 20%.

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