I spent summer 2017 working in the revenue design and development team at Bleacher/Report. This team is also known as the proactive marketing department. In this team, we provided brands the ability to proactively find advertising placements within the B/R platform. The primary focus of our team was to create advertising packages that would be sold to brands. The image below shows the process of how a package is designed, broken out, bid on, and eventually sold at B/R.

Throughout my time at B/R, I worked on many different projects such as helping to build out many different packages for advertisers based on various sports events. 

If the World Cup, 2018 Olympics, BR Mag, Mayweather McGregor, Kobe Day, and NBA Tip-Off packages were all sold for their anticipated sale price, I will have influenced a net revenue to B/R of:


While interning at B/R, I also had the opportunity to create my own advertising package from start to finish. I decided to focus on creating a package for an event for which we had never sold advertising. B/R had never had a campaign for the Winter X Games and based on past user analytics, this would be a great opportunity to sell advertising.

Internal Metrics

One of the most import parts about creating a campaign is seeing how many B/R users will see the content of each event and click on the advertising placed around the events. In order to get this information, I talked to our internal analytics team, who provided me with past content view counts for the X Games and average advertising views and clicks.

Content Creation

Without B/R content, there would be nothing on which to advertise. I needed to see what kinds of material were being produced for the X Games and what types of content we needed for an outstanding advertising package. I talked to our content creation teams to get all of this information. I saw that there was a lack of content being generated for the X Games compared to the number of users who want X Games content. In order to bridge this gap, I created a content creation schedule which included what content would be created and when. 

New Content

I wanted this campaign to include types of advertising that we had never done before. I created a Snapchat discover sponsorship which would leverage B/R's Snapchat discover feed. This sponsorship would include branded slides within each day's video. I also created an Instagram Stories sponsorship which would be embedded into B/R's massively popular Instagram account. At the time, B/R only had full homepage sponsorships which were only applicable to large brands with lots of money. To combat this, I created small banner ads that would be placed within the sports content stream on B/R's homepage. Examples of all three of these can be seen below.

This all culminated with the creation of a package deck which would be sent to potential advertisers. This deck included an overview of the Winter X Games and included an overview of the two different X Games packages that I created. If sold, this event package could generate over $400,000 for B/R. This deck can be seen below.

Final Package Deck

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